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21st Century children

Your child will grow up in the 21st century.

She will live in a world of even faster change and complexity than you and I have experienced: a world that will reward the ability to adapt quickly, to think logically and be innovative.

It will be a world that will require self-reliance, and where many of the skills and knowledge that your child will require will be self taught through new media, such as CD-ROM, the internet and interactive television.

Yet it will still be a world where kindness, honesty, respect for others, co-operation and the ability to form close, loving relationships will be at the heart of true happiness.

The building blocks of your child's development are formed early. The foundations of her education, and the habits that she forms, make the difference between her future success and failure. The secret to helping your child is to provide her with a rich, stimulating environment during the first six years of life. One that encourages her to develop truly rounded abilities.

We put the highest possible value on the word "rounded". What would be the point, for example, of helping your child to read early or to be very numerate, if she lacked curiosity, creativity, delight in nature or the ability to share generously, relate well to and co-operate with others?