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The ability to store and recall information can be greatly aided by simple tips learned early in life. A good memory is a vital building block for success.

Here is a simple guide to developing a good memory:


We remember things more easily if we can see, touch, taste, smell and feel it and have someone tell us its name and a little about it – the brain appears to organise itself by linking. If we think of cats we also link to words such as tiger, kitty, paws, stalking etc. So learning the connectivity of things is a key skill.

We remember well when we’re emotionally involved – we remember better when we are not stressed, so a welcoming environment helps the emotional part of the brain transfer information to the long-term memory.

Combining words and music aids memory – its easier to remember the words of a song if you can hear the tune. This is why poetry and rhymes are so important.

We offer a full range of memory activities including online interactive games.