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What's the secret?

Read Read Read to her, it's as simple as that.

Your love of reading will become their love of reading so here are some tips to help you along:

Stop occasionally and ask “What do you think will happen next?”. Use prompts such as "because"… and make the story interactive.

Re-read stories and pause before the key word, Jack and the ……! Let them fill in the gaps.

Summarise the story and ask simple questions at the end. “What did Jack use to chop down the beanstalk?”

The keys to early reading are simple: The starting point is for your child to recognise the alphabet. Then learn the 400 beginner words in the English language. Start with the nouns, then verbs, then adjectives and adverbs. We have loads of activities for you including all the word and letter downloads you require to support each activity.