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A child’s self esteem has a big influence on his success at learning or indeed anything else – we tend to become what we think we are.

A child’s self esteem depends overwhelmingly on three interlocking factors:

1. Feeling loved, without reservation, for what she is, not simply for what she achieves.

2. Success in reaching goals he sets himself. A feeling of accomplishment.

3. The positive encouragement he receives – particularly from parents.

All too often children become what others expect. When parents' negative expectations are telegraphed daily through attitude, language and atmosphere, then those expectations become the child’s limitations.

A child is not his actions – There’s a world of difference between ‘You’re a bad boy’ and ‘I love you but I don’t like what you did’. The first is a negative label and the second provides the basic love and security but make it clear you disapprove of the action.

Remain positive and use positive feedback. The child has no better example on which to model themselves than you - the parent.