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The physical ability and health of a child depends largely on you the parent. Plenty of physical exercise and a balanced diet are essential to the effective functioning of the brain.

The brain needs plenty of oxygen and water to work properly and a balanced diet to operate at optimum levels. There’s no need to be a fanatic about this, simple guidelines are best.

Plenty of fruit and vegetables – and a diet including plenty of beans, peas, broccoli, carrots, berries and rice as well as pulses and wheat bread to provide the iron and zinc. Zinc based foods help develop memory and iron is needed for cell growth.

Plenty of fish and fish oil – These are great brain food and also develop the body’s immune system.

A diet high in potassium – Half a banana a day each will provide both you and your child with the correct intake. Potassium provides the protective coating on the brain's pathways. These can transmit up to 12 times faster with the correct coating than without.

Remember to use common sense and never force a food on your child. Try again another time or even use a tasting game like those we suggest.