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Love is an active verb, so tell your child each day how much you love her.

That way she can see for herself how love is shown by little acts of kindness. Try putting a ‘love you’ note in her pocket or under her pillow. If she can’t read, then read them to her, it will also make her want to read.

Remember that a ‘thank you’ letter for her help doing the washing or tidying her bedroom will show her that what she does matters to you. Love needs to be nurtured actively. It must be shown as well as felt.

Children need physical security.  That means both the physical contact of hugging and a safe environment in which to grow. Say you need a hug when you feel depressed and let her know it makes you feel better.

Love and security are the basis for progression and self esteem. Without the feelings of love and safety your child will not be able to enjoy the activities and ideas which we offer for you to share together.