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Scientists now believe that 50% of your child’s brain capacity is built in the first 5-6 years of life!

And what most influences that capacity is whether the child has a stimulating and thought-provoking environment.


Although every child is born with billions of brain cells, those individual brain cells only turn into usable intelligence when they are connected up with each other. These connections are the pathways on which all future learning will be built.

What causes those connections to be made is a rich, stimulating and fun environment in the early years. The building blocks and habits of mind for success are formed very early.

We have produced a number of programmes to help you create exactly that rich environment through hundreds of provenly successful games and activities that build all the important pre-school skills and characteristics.

As Newsweek magazine put it in an excellent cover story:

"Circuits in different regions of the brain mature at different times. Give your children the stimulation and fun they need when they need it, and anything's possible."